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We are a group of guitar experts who love to train others how to play and enhance their guitar playing.  We specialize in Drop D Tuning, however, we are experts in about all the other tuning methods like Drop A Tuning and Drop C Tuning  for example.  We are located in Seattle and can provide one on one training if you’re a local resident or simply in the Seattle Washington area.  We have several team members here who are experts when it comes to playing the guitar and specialized in this field.  We have a studio in Pioneer Square so you can come to us or we can come to your location if that is easier.  I personally have been playing guitar professional for 10 years now and absolutely love it.  I enjoy the satisfaction of training others how to play a tuning method or other new chords or instruments.  I grew up surrounded by music so as I have been around it my whole life.  That is my focus and entire career.

Guitars have been my passion ever since I was a small boy and I come from a family of musicians.  I would say that all of our teachers come from a similar background and share the same passion I have.  Their parents pushed them into playing an instrument and overtime they got really good playing guitar.  They also started to really enjoy it.  They all started young and continued with the passion to where they are today.  Our customers include first time younger students just getting started to older students who want to learn as a hobby.

If you’ve never played guitar we can also help you get started.  Many of our students have never played before so you’re not alone.  Our studio also has guitars for rent also.  We understand you maybe working on purchasing your first or just don’t want make that big of an investment upfront.  None the less, we are here to help get you started with us and learning guitar.

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Learn How To Play Guitar

Learn how to play guitar in Seattle. We specialize in Drop D Tuning and other Guitar tuning methods.